Membership information

Everybody is welcome at ATC Kadoelen.

Whether you are a beginner, recreational or experienced tennis player, we would love for you to become a member of our club.

Membership is for an indefinite period of time but can be terminated in writing or by e-mail to our member administration at the latest four weeks before the end of the year.

Members of ATC Kadoelen are automatically also members of the KNLTB (Koninklijke Nederlandse Lawn Tennis Bond) and can participate in official KNLTB tournaments and competition.
The membership fees are dependent on age, but certain exceptions may apply:

The subscription fee per association year from 1 January to 31 December:
Senior € 185, Student € 140, Junior € 95, Aspirant € 55.
The membership fees depend on age but there are exceptions.
From June and September the contribution amounts are reduced, below are the contribution amounts and discounts.

Senior members following courses fulltime at a hogeschool or a university pay a lower contribution after showing a valid student ID card.

Family discount,
Aspirants or Juniors who live at the same address with a parent or carer who is also a member, pay only € 17.50 for the membership.

More information,
If you have any questions, please mail to [email protected]

Membership fees are from 1st January to the 31st December 2021.
No registration costs!

Contributions for 2021.
Below are the subscription fees when registering from 1 september till 31 december 2021.



Alongside are the membership fees per type of member and age.
The amounts do not include a deposit of € 10.00 for an access key.





Click here for the registration form.

Bar services,
Senior members aged 21 to 74 are required to do two bar services per year,
(Age at December 31 of the year before)
To read the terms and conditions of the bar service, click here.
Or on our website in Dutch

Bar services can be bought off for € 20.00 per service.

In order to terminate membership, you must send a written or emailed confirmation to the members administration ([email protected]) at least four weeks before the end of the year otherwise the membership is automatically renewed!

Below is a downloadable registration form that can be sent in by mail (in Dutch)
and please enclose a pass photo.
For more information you can download the info folder. (In Dutch)

Inschrijfformulier 2020.pdf